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Jody Will - Owner

Working with older adults has always brought a smile to my face.  Understanding and appreciating the emotion and stress that come with a major life change is what led me to pursue a life helping you and your loved ones through this process.

I spent the early years of my career in Corporate America working my way up the ladder. Years of project management and customer service groomed me to take chaos, simplify it and manage it.   Transferring those skills to home life was critical when my kids were young.  Having a demanding full time job and being a full time mom is no easy task, every mother will agree. I found that adapting to each stage of my home & work life accordingly by organizing, decluttering, reassessing & donating along the way allowed me be the best mother, wife and boss I could be.   My home always seemed full, but organized.  

My own transition from a 3000 sf home to a 1374 sf home got me started on my downsizing obsession.  With 2 adults and 2 teenagers in a small home, every inch of space needed to be utilized efficiently; we only had room for possessions that were truly needed.  I learned over time to fill my precious space with "needed" items, and release the "wanted" items once they have filled their purpose. It was then I truly realized our things don't determine our worth.  I was amazed by how my entire life became more clear, defined and focused once I streamlined my belongings. 

Years later when my family and I handled my Father-in Law's estate and later, transitioned our Mother-in-Law to a senior living community, I saw the lack of support available to our loved ones as well as to their families. I knew immediately, this is what I was meant to do and Lighten Your Life was born.  


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